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Built in 2000, this 14,250 square foot home in Potomac presented a unique challenge: deliver luxury with a fusion of classic and contemporary styles. 


The grand gated entrance set the tone for our staging strategy.  With distinctive architecture and expansive rooms, tasteful to a more specific buyer, our design team chose to incorporate large, contemporary pieces alongside classic furnishings to maintain a warm and cozy ambiance while also modernizing the space to appeal to a broader audience.  


Our team meticulously planned each space to highlight the home's most impressive features such as the beautiful ceiling moldings, exquisite flooring, and oversized windows with abundant natural light.  Our focus on scale and style ensured each room received the attention it deserved, with special emphasis on the office where the natural wood features and built-in libraries inspired a sophisticated country club or cigar room vibe. The use of upholstered furniture added warmth and comfort, and the eclectic mix of accessories, books and art brought cohesion to each space.

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