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Staging this penthouse was special. Our client had a very specific vision of how he wanted his property to look and high expectations for a design that could hold up to such an impressive property. Nonetheless, it didn’t take long for our lead designer to align his expectations with our design ideas.


Upon entering the penthouse, guests are greeted by a spiral staircase to take you up to the main floor.  This entry sets the tone of the property, evoking an upscale and contemporary vibe. The beautifully finished natural hardwood floors, minimalistic fixtures, and expansive window walls in each room, offering breathtaking city views, delivers the ultimate “wow” factor when you ascend the stairs and explore the space.


To highlight these impressive features, our contemporary staging was done in a neutral color palette of black, white and gray tones. Accents of gold and chrome elevated the look and provided a touch of sophistication. Sculptural pieces and accessories were selected for visual impact. For balance and comfort, furniture in boucle fabrics, textured pillows, and cozy throw blankets were used in every area. 


Each room received individual attention, including a curated selection of art pieces for a cohesive look throughout the property. The outdoor space was no exception. To draw your attention to the fabulous DC cityscape outside, a rooftop lounge area was added with plenty of throw pillows for a luxurious look.


The finished product was high end and opulent to match the property, and the stunning result of our expert designer team’s collaborative approach to client work.

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