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Staging Services

Staging Design offers Essentials, Premium, and Luxury Staging services to homeowners, investors, developers and real estate agents, primarily for vacant properties.


Essentials Package is ideal for small often urban properties such as 1-2 bedroom condos, and small townhouses and row houses.  


Premium Package is more appropriate for larger properties or for higher end homes or condo projects where furniture quality and size is more important.


Luxury Package is larger and more luxurious pieces and art.  Made for Luxury homes, condos and  townhouses in high-end neighborhoods

Pricing varies based on the size of the property, the length of time the furniture will remain in the home, and how many units we are staging for one project.

Design Services

Staging Design also offers customized residential design services for a variety of applications. Please inquire for more details.


Staging Design covers the entire Washington DC/Baltimore area.


Staging Operations:

Walk with us and take a look at what happens behind the scene and operations at Staging Design.


We have a wide range of pieces from the Mid Century Modern to Contemporary Classic to Traditional for every type and size of properties.

Christian Salinas - Home Staging Washington DC
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