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Staging Services

Staging Design offers Essentials, Premium, and Luxury Staging services to homeowners, investors, developers and real estate agents, primarily for vacant properties.


Essentials Package is ideal for small often urban properties such as 1-2 bedroom condos, and small townhouses and row houses.  

Pricing starts at 2195.00


Premium Package is more appropriate for larger properties or for higher end homes or condo projects where furniture quality and size is more important.

Pricing starts at 3295.00

Luxury Package is larger and more luxurious pieces and art.  Made for Luxury homes, condos and  townhouses in high-end neighborhoods

Pricing starts at 4395.00

Exact pricining varies based on the size of the property, the length of time the furniture will remain in the home, and how many units we are staging for one project.

Cleaning and Home Preparation Services

New this year, we will be offering cleaning and final preparation services for our clients! We know that coordinating a variety of vendors between de-staging and cleaning can be a hassle. Our cleaning services can make this process much smoother for all parties involved. 

Design Services

Staging Design also offers customized residential design services. We currently offer two interior design services:

  • Pre-designed room packages: If you like one of our most popular stagings, you can now purchase and have the entire design installed in your home by our team! 

  • Design consultations: Maybe you have your own furniture and accessories, but you need a designer to help you put it all together. Maybe you want to give your home a face lift, but you do not know where to start. Our interior design team can help! Interior design consultations begin at just ___________ per hour, and can be as in-depth as you need. Whether it is just looking at what you already have and helping you configure your space, or taking a designer with you to go shopping with you for the perfect furniture and accessories, you can work with us to create a home you love! 

Christian Salinas - Home Staging Washington DC
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